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However, he went home and phoned me shortly afterward to say that he had found it. His passport had slid further back than he had thought, which was why he had not located it when he looked in the same place earlier. These are common examples of what can be done with a pendulum. When my children were growing up, they constantly asked me to use my pendulum to help them find lost items. I also use the pendulum to help us choose vacation destinations, determine health factors, suitable dates for special events, investment and buying decisions, and anything else where a decision needs to be made.

I do not take it as far as one of my students does. I regularly see her in the local supermarket holding her pendulum over different fruit and vegetables to see which ones she should buy. This is a perfectly valid use of the pendulum, but I cause my family enough embarrassment as it is, without producing my pendulum in local stores. Fortunately, as you will discover, there is a method of using your body as a pendulum that enables you to achieve the same results without carrying a pendulum around with you.

The pendulum is not a new invention. It has been used for thousands of years. In ancient China it was used to deter and chase away evil spirits, and to determine where they came from. The ancient Egyptians used a pendulum to determine the best places to grow their crops. From the center of the tripod a ring was suspended on a thread and answered questions. In Roman times, people were condemned to death for using the pendulum, probably because it was being used to plot against the emperor. Ammianus Marcellinus c. In his history of the Roman Empire he told the story of a group of people who were arrested for plotting to assassinate the emperor.

One of the conspirators, in his confession, told of a priest holding a ring held by fine thread over a circular platter that contained the letters of the alphabet around the rim. The ring moved and indicated the letters T, H, E and O. This told the conspirators that the next emperor would be called Theodorus.

This shows that the pendulum was being used mainly for divination purposes in those times. The term for this is cleidomancy.

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The scientific community took no interest in the pendulum until the end of the eighteenth century. Professor Gerboin at the School of Medicine at Strasbourg published the results of his findings in In the early part of the nineteenth century, Francesco Campetti, an Italian, began using the pendulum to find water and minerals underground.

This attracted a great deal of interest and many theories were produced to explain the movements of the pendulum. Gradually, the pendulum began to be used for medical diagnosis, and this created a great deal of negative publicity. One reporter in Munich claimed that at the home of one researcher Johann Ritter the pendulum swung far into the night over the delicate parts of nubile and naked females! He became interested in the psychic world in while director of the Natural History Museum in Paris.

He was fascinated with the pendulum and studied it for many years.

Pendulum magic for beginners tap into your inner wisdom

Eventually, in , he came to the conclusion that the movement of the pendulum was created by the unconscious will of the person using it. Chevreul found that when he stared at the pendulum he seemed to enter into an almost trancelike state. This made him conclude that an intimate liaison established between the execution of certain movements and a mental act relating to it, even if the thought is not yet the intent to command the muscular organs.

This was only partly because of his incredible talent with the pendulum. He was also famous for his humility and willingness to help anyone, at any time. The Vatican used his talents to conduct archaeological explorations in Rome. In the early part of the twentieth century, the pendulum enjoyed a resurgence of popularity when it was marketed as a sex detector. In my collection of strange artifacts I have one of these dating from the s. It is a pea-sized hollow ball of metal attached to a thread.

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  4. The instructions were printed on a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp. These instructions say that the pendulum should be suspended over the palm of a pregnant woman. If the pendulum moves in a circular direction, the unborn child will be a girl. If the pendulum moves in a straight line, the child will be a boy. However, as recently as , the pendulum was considered an unusual device. He also used it to determine the depth of the water, the volume and the direction it was flowing in.

    The pendulum has been proven useful in times of war.

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    They were using the identical techniques that primitive shamans used thousands of years ago. As you will shortly discover, there is almost no limit to what the pendulum can do. It can enhance your life in many different ways. The pendulum is a small weight suspended on a piece of thread, chain, or cord.

    Pendulum Magic for Beginners: Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

    Many people use a wedding ring hanging on a piece of thread. This is what my mother used. A paperclip attached to a piece of thread also works well. When giving talks on this subject to groups of people, I frequently hand out paperclips attached to a length of thread to allow everyone in the audience to experiment.

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    Commercially made pendulums are readily available at bookstores and New Age shops. They are available in every conceivable shape and size. I have a huge collection of pendulums, as my family frequently buy me ornamental type pendulums for birthdays and Christmases. They all work well. I must admit, though, that my favorite pendulum is a commercially made one known as a Mermet pendulum. From Geneva, he was able to locate water in South America, and find missing people and animals anywhere in the world.

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    He even helped with archaeological researches in Rome. The Vatican ultimately recognized him for his remarkable ability with the pendulum. The right pendulum for you is anything that looks attractive and is comfortable to hold and use. Ideally, the pendulum should weigh approximately three ounces and be roundish in shape, preferably moving down to a point at the bottom. When you start looking for a pendulum, you will be amazed at the variety of items that could be used in this way. A plumb bob from a hardware store works well.

    A button attached to a piece of thread makes a good pendulum. So does a piece of crystal attached to a chain. Lead crystal works well, but many people prefer quartz crystal because of the natural energies they provide.

    A crystal pendant that you can wear as jewelry makes a good choice, as you have it available for use at any time. Crystal pendulums are particularly good for healing work. Some of the commercially made pendulums have a hollow compartment inside them. They are called sample pendulums. The idea of these is to place a small sample of whatever it is you are searching for inside the compartment before starting to dowse.

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    If you are searching for water, you can insert a few drops of water into this compartment.